Binance Unveils Unique Crypto-Inspired Fragrance in Honor of Women

Binance is shaking things up in the crypto industry. But not how you might think. Forget about just trading and blockchain for a second. These guys have gone and launched a fancy new scent called ‘CRYPTO.’ That’s right, a perfume. Why, you ask? To get more women interested in crypto.

This all went down in Dubai, on March 6. Binance tells us they are using this new perfume as a bridge, mixing finance with a touch of elegance, all thanks to the women leading their marketing team. This whole perfume thing started with some fancy ads to make people curious. The idea was to challenge what people usually think about crypto and maybe change some minds along the way.

Then, they switched gears by setting up a pop-up stand at a shopping mall to chat directly with people about crypto, using the perfume as a way to draw them in. According to Rachel Conlan, the Chief Marketing Officer at Binance, CRYPTO is a bold statement to women everywhere, telling them they’re a huge part of the crypto revolution. Conlan, who’s been in the crypto industry for a long time, wants women to know they shouldn’t just watch from the sidelines. It’s time to break barriers, question the status quo, and join in reshaping global finance.

The main goal here is to encourage women to learn more about cryptocurrency. To sweeten the deal, Binance is handing out $25 in USDT Token Vouchers to the first 5,000 women who finish a beginner’s course on Binance Academy. But it doesn’t stop with online courses. Binance is also setting up meetups and pushing for discussions on social media and through content created by users. They want to get the word out on the important role women can play in crypto and show how it can empower them financially, help them advance in their careers, and more.

Binance is serious about making the crypto space more diverse and open to everyone. This perfume launch is just one part of their bigger mission to support women around the world. But there’s a big gap they’re trying to close. A report by data firm GWI shows that fewer women invest in crypto compared to men, across all age groups. This is also about the finance sector’s longstanding gender imbalances, societal biases, and the risks people think about when they consider investing in crypto.

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