Caution: Algorand Founder’s Account Compromised in Scam – Exercise Vigilance

The Algorand founder’s Twitter account has been compromised. In a series of misleading tweets, the hacker claimed that for every percentage drop in ALGO’s price this week, 1 ETH would be given away, coupled with a nonchalant wish of good luck. Obviously, none of it is true.

Another tweet, brimming with irony, made dubious claims about Algorand’s future, citing a fictitious conversation with “His Excellency” Justin Sun about boosting Algorand’s standing through the introduction of TUSD (TRUE USD) and VRUSD (VERY REAL USD). Complete network control and token minting rights is part of Algorand’s current strategy.

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The Algorand community and the broader crypto audience are strongly advised to refrain from engaging with any links, promotions or instructions emanating from the hacked account. Interaction with such content can lead to exposure to further scams, financial loss or the compromising of personal data.

It is important to note that ALGO’s market price has shown no reaction to these fraudulent tweets. Users are urged to rely only on verified statements from official Algorand channels and to be extremely cautious of any offers that sound too good to be true. The Algorand team is expected to address the security breach and restore the integrity of their communication channels promptly. In the meantime, the community should stay informed through official statements on alternative channels like Discord or Telegram and avoid any interaction with suspicious social media posts and links.

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