DeFi Farming Game ‘Crypto Valleys’ Is Giving Players Juicy YIELD on Ethereum L2 Blast

The hottest game on Ethereum scaler Blast wraps up DeFi mechanics and randomness into one FOMO-inducing package.

Gaming activity is bubbling up on buzzy new Ethereum scaler Blast, and while one game has already fallen victim to an exploit on the nascent network, another is yielding rave reviews from players while driving Blast’s most-traded token.

Crypto Valleys is the game in question, and it initially appears to tread upon similar ground as Pixels, the popular farming game on competing scaler Ronin. But while Pixels is a relatively robust experience akin to traditional video games, Crypto Valleys—at least in its initial incarnation—is focused on keeping DeFi degens coming back to harvest more gains.

In the web-based game, you’ll buy NFT-based seeds with the game’s YIELD token and plant them, and then eventually harvest the produce… to earn even more YIELD. Rinse and repeat. Crypto Valleys has more ambitious aims ahead, as spelled out in the game’s documentation and in social media threads, but for now it looks pretty simple and streamlined.

The addition of “gacha” elements helps spice things up, coming in the form of NFT seed packs with randomized contents. Gacha games are akin to loot boxes in many popular games, which promise rewards that could range wildly from common to extravagant. You don’t know until you open them, however, which fuels the FOMO.

Want massive YIELD gains from your next crop? Well, those could be found in your next seed pack. Maybe. That kind of alluring possibility is ready-made to drive users to grab their Ethereum wallets, particularly when there’s a surging token driving it all.

Crypto Valleys’ YIELD is currently the most-traded token across all of Blast, per data from DexScreener, with about $13 million worth of trading volume over the past 24 hours.

The price pumped to about $17 on Thursday and then cooled off into Friday, but has been rising again Saturday to a current price of $13.60 as of this writing. That gives the token a $95 million market cap. The tokens were initially offered for sale in-game at a price of around $0.15 each—just last week.


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