Ethereum Co-Founder Awaits Verkle Trees for Staking Benefits

-Vitalik Buterin expressed his excitement over the integration of Verkle trees.

-Buterin noted that Verkle trees will save significant disk space used by nodes.

-A significant improvement in sync time will also be seen, Buterin noted.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), has expressed his anticipation for the arrival of “Verkle trees” on the blockchain network. The integration of the data structure would see a significant improvement in the disk space used by staking nodes.

In a post on social media platform X, Buterin said that he is “looking forward” to Verkle trees, which will reportedly bring multiple benefits to the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum founder said,

I’m really looking forward to Verkle trees. They will enable stateless validator clients, which can allow staking nodes to run with near-zero hard disk space and sync nearly instantly – far better solo staking UX. Also good for user-facing light clients.

As per the information provided by the Ethereum creator, Verkle trees will allow for the creation of many new types of functionality in addition to stateless clients, saving a significant amount of storage space required to run a node. In a blog about the same, he says,

Verkle trees are a data structure that can be used to upgrade Ethereum nodes so that they can stop storing large amounts of state data without losing the ability to validate blocks.

Notably, Verkle trees will also improve decentralization by implementing lower hardware requirements. Additionally, new nodes will have the ability to join quickly with the help of faster sync provided by the integration of the data structure.

The digital asset community on X was seemingly in eager anticipation of the Verkle trees integration on Ethereum, with one user stating that “the prospect of near-zero hard disk space requirements and almost instant syncing is a game-changer.”On the other hand, Ethereum is due for an upgrade called the ‘Dencun upgrade’. As reported earlier, developers have reported that the upgrade will not happen this year because more work is needed.

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