Top 3 Most Invested and Notable Technologies Ahead of Bitcoin Halving 2024


Bitcoin Halving 2024 has become the focal point of attention in the cryptocurrency community, with investors focusing on advanced technologies to take advantage of significant growth opportunities. With this in mind, here are the top 3 notable technologies that investors are showing strong interest and investment in.


  1. Blockchain Layer 2:

If Layer-1 is the foundation, then Layer-2 is the solution to address unresolved Layer-1 issues such as high fees and congestion. Of particular note is the Layer-2 event, DunCan.

– Benefits of Layer-2: Scalability.

– Scalability: Reduces network congestion and increases transaction processing capacity.

– Cost Reduction: Streamline usage by reducing fees.

– Maintain security and decentralization: Maintain security and decentralization from layer 1.


  1. Risk Automated Market Maker (RAMM):

At a time when all market investors are stuck due to manipulation and concerns about asset safety, RAMM is created to address these issues. It is a completely new trading method compared to traditional methods, utilizing blockchain results and emphasizing transparency and security.

– Advantages of RAMM:

– Transparency: Results cannot be manipulated on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency.

– Security: Using DEX to protect user data and assets.

– Decentralization: Operating without intermediaries, increasing user autonomy.

– Liquidity: Supporting continuous liquidity, optimizing the trading experience.

Special Note:

Since RAMMDEX introduced RAMM technology in early 2024, it has garnered significant support and attention from the investment community. RAMMDEX not only identifies, but also addresses one of the most critical issues in the market – security and transparency.


  1. BRC-20 (Bitcoin Request for Comment 20):

– Benefits:

– Seamless integration: Strong link between bitcoin coins and BRC-20 tokens on the bitcoin network.

– Simple transfer process: Easy transfer and creation of tokens.

– High Security: Utilizes bitcoin blockchain characteristics to ensure security and decentralization.

– Disadvantages.

– Lack of smart contract support: Limitations in deploying complex functionality.

– Transaction Speed Issues: Low scalability and slow transaction speed.

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