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Hello friends, we are TradeCoinD2 Team. You’re probably wondering why you need to take the time to watch this video, but trust me, you won’t waste a single minute of your life.





  •       TradeCoinD2 is a self-governed decentralized community including users, investors, and partners. It is an open ecosystem combining: Web3.0 Social Networking – DAO organization – Advertising.
  •       The purpose of TradeCoinD2 is to support Marketing and PR plans, increase the number of real users/investors for the project at a better cost. TradeCoinD2 also helps to leverage the project’s potential and optimize user performance.
  •       TradeCoinD2 aims to create a transparent, open, and completely decentralized environment. It helps users, including community members, project members, and partner communities/KOLs, create value by participating in TradeCoinD2’s ecosystem.

1.2.Analysis Issues from the market: 

  •       The widespread dissemination of information causes the community/users to not have a specific direction and it is difficult to grasp accurate information.
  •       The relationship between investors and projects is mostly loose and one-sided. The project team holds full control over the decisions of the project’s operations, features, and future direction without feedback or suggestions from knowledgeable and loyal users.
  •       Some current “learn to earn, free to earn” projects are definitely successful, such as:

o    In the Crypto field: Coinbase, DAO Maker, Learn & Earn NEAR, Learn & Earn from Binance.

o   In the traditional finance field: Learn & Earn – Investing, Freecash, Trader Unions.

In general, users need to have a certain understanding of the project, the market, and complete knowledge tests. Then, the user will receive corresponding benefits if they complete the knowledge quiz well (learn to earn), or play games/perform tasks/participate in new product trials to earn money (play to earn).

For traditional finance projects, rewards will be in the form of money or stocks, sometimes even gifts or discount vouchers from partner products/services of the project. For crypto projects, users will directly receive rewards in the form of coins/tokens.

It can be said that current projects all have the same purpose: to encourage users to learn about the project and the market and increase the number of potential investors. However, there is no project that has created a lasting relationship between: Users + Partners + Investors.

The issue from the investor’s perspective:

  •       Lack of market knowledge, unable to keep pace with the rapid changes in Crypto.
  •       Lack of flexibility in the capital flow, investment amounts are difficult to transfer to others.
  •       Investors, especially individual investors, want to invest in projects at favorable times (seed sale, private sale, and even public sale for some high-quality projects). Projects have to go through a representative, which results in the investment being completely in the hands of one or a group of representatives. This leads to a lack of transparency, fairness, and the risk of investment being manipulated by the representative/group.
  •       User experience with current project products is not highly rated (when the projects launch beta-test versions of the product or receive feedback from users trying out new features).
  •       Individual investors are always limited in the number of projects they can invest in and the amount of money they can invest. Participating in current launchpad platforms makes them passive and dependent. Most of this is due to these platforms always requiring users to hold a significant amount of tokens to participate in buying the project’s tokens and selling through the platform. Especially with launchpad platforms that operate using the Lottery Ticket model – investors must hold the required amount of tokens, but there is no guarantee of being able to purchase the tokens of the new project. Therefore, many investors are limited in their ability to participate.

Project Issue:

  •       There is no effective marketing strategy. For example, airdrops only attract a certain group of people, primarily bounty hunters at a specific time. The majority only bring a number of fake members to the project community, and these members rarely interact after the airdrop period ends. This results in an ineffective marketing goal for the project.
  •       The project message is not being transmitted to the users. Currently, most users do not have much information about the project. They only purchase without following the project’s activities or the features of the project’s token they hold.
  •       The bonding between the “rights” and “responsibilities” between the project and the community is not clear (Typically, after the project is listed on exchange platforms, communities/VCs will not support the project as much as before).

Issues with communities/KOLs

  •       New communities often encounter difficulties in building and finding members.


TradeCoinD2 brings solutions to the persistent issues in the market for many years.

Issues from the market:

  •       Provide accurate information about the project, guide users, and make their activities more meaningful.
  •       Create deep relationships between potential investors and the project.
  •       With the successful models of learn and earn, free and earn, TradeCoinD2 develops with a more disruptive model, connecting the three powers: “Investors”, “Users”, and “Project”. TradeCoinD2 helps the project have a more loyal user base, a deeper understanding of the project. The later users will be supported with detailed project information by the earlier users. This also creates close connections between members of the community.

Issues from investors:

  •       Supply knowledge and information for both new and existing investors. Any market shifts are quickly supported and communicated by the community.
  •       Provide solutions for investors to have more financial flexibility, investments can be made in the form of NFTs and traded on the TradeCoinD2 marketplace.
  •       Investors can make decisions on their own, regarding project quality, investment amount, or vesting tokens, all of which are collectively determined at TradeCoinD2. Potential users will have many opportunities to experience, provide feedback, and help projects have more chances of success.
  •       With any amount of TradeCoinD2 tokens staked, investors can easily participate in private/public round investments under the Guarantee Allocation form.

Issues from project:

  •       For a specific cost, the project will receive effective marketing, airdrop, and bounty campaigns. Furthermore, TradeCoinD2’s user base has gone through KYC, so the project will have real and quality users.
  •       The project’s messages will be communicated through interaction tasks and community sharing, helping the project to receive information more effectively.
  •       TradeCoinD2 supports the project’s sustainability through specific time-divided campaigns. The project will not be left inactive after the exchange listing phase, unlike when working with previous VCs.

The Issues of Communities/KOLs

  •       TradeCoinD2 not only brings a thriving community to the project but also supports new communities to have strong interaction. TradeCoinD2 also quickly seeks quality investors and users.

1.4.Why TradeCoinD2?

For Investors With TradeCoinD2

  1.     You are not just a user or investor, but you are also a shareholder, contributing to decisions and operations of the development of TradeCoinD2.
  2.     Users can earn money from TradeCoinD2 through daily tasks.
  3.     At TradeCoinD2, you are the owner, but not alone, alongside you are thousands of members working together to run the business.
  4.     The motivation to improve knowledge, becoming a professional retail investor is to receive rewards for learning, trying out products and providing quality feedback.
  5.     All personal investment allocations are fairly distributed automatically.

TradeCoinD2 for projects:

  •       Supports raising funds from the community for potential projects through the TCD2Invest feature
  •       Brings in more real users for projects through the Learning Missions feature
  •       Projects will be of interest to investors with a long-term perspective.
  •       The content that the project needs to convey will be widely known and deeply understood by the community.

TradeCoinD2 for Community/KOLs

  •       TradeCoinD2 brings real members to communities. All members are genuine and have passed KYC.


2.1.Attractive DAO (D2Attaction):

Throughout the stages, a project always needs the participation of the community. The more users understand the project, the more they will know about the market. They will have the ability to become potential investors.

With the Mission Dashboard, users can earn money by participating in reward-based activities and receive D2 or project tokens. The activities are divided into main groups:

1)    Learning Missions: Chosen by the TradeCoinD2 collaborating team, including high-quality articles and analysis posts. The rewards for Learning Missions come from the Mission Pool tokens. In the long term, Learning Missions are tools that support the transformation of traditional users who want to make money into researchers and crypto investors.

2)    Engagement Missions: These are tasks requested by projects or paying partners. Engagement missions can include but are not limited to:

  1.     Updating the latest information from the project through social media channels such as Twitter, Telegram, Website, Discord, etc.
  2.     Sharing important project information and positive messages. The strong dissemination of the TradeCoinD2 community at a given time helps the project information become a trend on social media, enhancing effective communication.
  3.     Beta product testing, new feature testing, and providing specific feedback to the project.

Using newly launched products. Rewards for Engagement Missions vary depending on each project.

Other Missions: This includes but is not limited to market research activities.

By combining these three types of missions optimally, the TradeCoinD2 community continuously develops and updates market trends to bring added value to the project and its partners.

The reward mechanism for Missions is divided into two task pools:

  1.     For users who have staked D2: They can perform special tasks that account for 30% of the total reward and have a limit on the number of people who can perform the task. The limit on the number of people will depend on the project requirements.
  2.     For everyone (including users who are staking and not staking): They can perform tasks with 70% of the total reward value and there is no limit on the number of people who can perform the task.

For example: The project will allocate $1000 in rewards for an event.

The special task pool will receive 30% of the reward money ($300) that is prioritized for the first 50 members who have staked to perform the task => The first 50 people who complete the task correctly and fully will receive $6/person. After 50 people have completed the task, the pool will close and no more participants will be accepted.

The regular task pool will receive 70% of the reward money ($700) for all members (including those who are staking and not staking), the 50 members who participated in the special task pool will not be eligible to participate in this pool. The reward will be divided equally among all members who complete the task.

In addition, TradeCoinD2 also has a referral mechanism where users can invite friends to join and receive rewards as follows:

For users who are staking a D2 token value equivalent to less than $1000, they will receive a 3% referral reward from the total revenue of their friends. (This revenue is calculated based on the amount of money that your friends receive from participating and completing missions. For example, if a friend participates and completes a mission and receives 1 USDT from the project, you will receive a referral reward of 0.03 USDT).

For users who are staking a D2 token value equivalent to more than $1000, they will receive a 5% referral reward from the total revenue of their friends.


With the characteristics of a DAO community, D2 is used for management and sharing of benefits on an equal basis.

Long-term staking benefits

  • Investors who have participated in staking will receive a fair share of profits with the Founders in the team from all revenue sources.
  • The profit-sharing formula is distributed according to the following formula:
  • Example: D2Sta’s staking pool has 1 million tokens, the revenue of the pool is $100,000. If you hold 100 tokens, your personal revenue will be calculated as follows: Your personal revenue = $100,000/1,000,000 x 100 = $10.


  • In TCD2Market, you can transfer your investment in the form of buying and selling NFTs. These NFTs are like boxes that contain information about the transferred investment, such as the amount of tokens transferred, the transfer sale price, etc. The information in the box is backed by TradeCoinD2. After these NFTs have been sold and opened by the buyer, they will be burned. The buyer’s investment will be directly allocated to the personal smart contract and a 3% fee will be charged on the value of the NFTs.
  • For example, Investor A buys a $1000 allocation in a private round of any project. After 1 month, the project has a series of good news. Investor A wants to transfer this allocation with a higher price than when he bought it. A packs 100$ allocation into an NFT and sells it for $500. This activity takes place on TradeCoinD2’s marketplace and is supported by TradeCoinD2’s automatic system and a 3% fee will be charged on each NFT.


  • Participating in staking will help investors earn a fixed APR of 30%, while also enjoying the mechanisms mentioned in 2.2.1.

*** This APR will decrease in stages as the project develops, based on the decisions of the community governance.




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