Binance Increased Compliance Budget by 35% Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Leading crypto exchange Binance has increased its compliance budget, allocating a staggering $213 million, up from $158 million in the previous year. This development was captured in a recent publication on Fortune, as spotlighted by renowned Chinese reporter Colin Wu.

Notably, the surge in Binance’s compliance budget from $158 million to $213 million reflects an approximately 35% increase in spending. The surge mirrors the exchange’s concerted efforts to fortify its regulatory standing amid mounting scrutiny from the U.S.

CEO Richard Teng emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering a robust compliance culture, attributing the strides to the caliber of talent available at Binance. Teng underscored the importance of meeting new challenges head-on in the fast-paced sector.

Besides, the report also noted that Binance was bringing back Steve Christie, its deputy chief compliance officer. Essentially, these moves underscore Binance’s commitment to fortifying its compliance framework amid mounting pressures.

Significantly, recent developments have compelled the exchange to overhaul its practices and embrace greater accountability. This includes a multi-billion dollar settlement with U.S. authorities and its former CEO’s guilty plea to money laundering charges.

As part of the settlement agreement, Binance must comply with stringent oversight measures. It includes the appointment of a court-appointed monitor tasked with upholding regulatory directives. The impending monitor, yet to be formally appointed, will ensure Binance’s adherence to stipulated terms set forth by regulatory bodies.

Meanwhile, Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s former CEO, awaits sentencing in a federal court in Seattle. Reports have hinted at a potential 18-month prison term. Despite the legal woes, Binance has witnessed a resurgence in market activity. For instance, January witnessed a record influx of $3.5 billion in new funds.

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