JPMorgan Chase Refuses To Reimburse Customer Robbed at Gunpoint

Banking giant JPMorgan Chase reportedly refused to refund a customer who was forced to make a transfer while staring down the barrel of a gun.

Chicago resident Victoria Karwowski says she and her roommate were suddenly approached by a group of thieves who wanted to drain her Chase account, reports ABC Chicago.

“All three of them armed with guns, masks, hooded, demanding all of our stuff. One of them started chasing my friend.

They were all holding their guns up to me, telling me to give them my passcode to my phone.”

Karwowski says the thieves forced her to give up her Chase banking app password. Once they had access, they drained $1,700 from her account using the payment network Zelle.

“They sent themselves all the money in my account… It’s a very traumatizing experience. I was so on edge and so unwell.”

Karwowski says she received a $1,700 credit while Chase investigated the case. But a few weeks later, the banking giant closed the case, stating she authorized the transfer.

After the initial denial to reimburse her, Karwowski sent Chase a police report along with a video of the crime to support her claims but the lender rejected her appeals again.

At that point, Victoria sought the assistance of ABC Chicago’s I-Team, who immediately got in touch with Chase and Zelle. In a matter of days, she was able to get her money back in full.

“To have it back and kind of close that chapter altogether, and not having to worry about it anymore, was just so relieving.”

Chase tells ABC Chicago’s I-Team,

“We’re sorry Ms. Karwowski experienced this stressful situation.”

Meanwhile, the robbers who held Victoria at gunpoint remain at large, according to Chicago police.

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