MicroStrategy’s X account hacked, shilling Ethereum token phishing scam

Attackers have taken over the official X account for MicroStrategy account, posting a series of malicious links to a fake airdrop for a nefarious $MSTR token.

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy’s X account has been hacked, posting several malicious links to claim a fake airdrop of a nefarious $MSTR token to its nearly 200,000 followers.

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Once a user clicks on the link they are directed to a copycat MicroStrategy webpage which directs them to connect a wallet and claim the fake $MSTR airdrop. Once users accept a series of permissions in their Web3 wallet, the attackers can automatically drain the tokens out of the user’s wallet.

According to independent blockchain sleuth ZachXBT and anti-scam platform Scam Sniffer, losses incurred from the scam have already tallied over $440,000.

Scam Sniffer, an unknown user lost approximately $440,000 to a phishing scam approximately 1 hour ago.

The time of the attack and the holdings of the attacker’s wallet address match up, suggesting the unknown user fell victim to the MicroStrategy drainer.

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