RAMMDEX to Launch Liquidity Center on Polygon ZKEVM Soon, Integrated with Quickswap

RammDex has announced the successful deployment of the project’s Liquidity Center on the Polygon Test-net. The rollout is expected in the near future.

The integration of Polygon’s Liquidity Center with RammDex not only facilitates investors to conveniently trade/swap assets for easy RAMM trading but also allows traders on-chain to enjoy deeper liquidity, enabling them to execute exchange transactions with minimal slippage. The Liquidity Center will also offer Polygon users reduced transaction fees, safeguarding against maximum extractable value, ensuring absolute transparency and secure trading, and providing a well-organized user interface.

rammdexonpolygon 01 rammdexonpolygon 01

By providing a combination of on-chain and off-chain liquidity sources, Liquidity brings CEX-level liquidity to DEX, offering an optimized experience for users. It also facilitates convenient conversion for RAMM traders into tokens traded on the RAMM technology platform.

The Liquidity Center operates as a Layer 3 infrastructure built on AMM integrated with it. Therefore, users are no longer restricted by the liquidity that a specific DEX can provide. RammDex adds additional liquidity sources including third-party arbitragers to execute exchange transactions using on-chain liquidity such as AMM pools or their own proprietary ad-hoc liquidity.

RammDex is designed to obtain the best possible price. In cases where a transaction cannot be executed at a better price than AMM, the transaction will revert to the AMM contract and proceed as usual. This process is abstracted from the end-user perspective, allowing them to confidently receive the best possible price within the familiar AMM user interface.

The integration of RammDex Liquidity into Polygon follows a similar integration of Quickswap on Polygon and THENA on BNB Chain. RammDex Liquidity provides vital infrastructure for the EVM network, enabling liquidity to be transferred directly to where it is needed, offering better prices, and enhancing the user experience.

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