Robert Kiyosaki Urges Investments in Bitcoin and Precious Metals

RenMonday,author Robert Kiyosaki, best known for his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” shared investment advice, advocating for purchases in Bitcoin, silver, and gold amid growing global economic concerns.

Expressing his confidence in Bitcoin’s future, Kiyosaki announced his intent to buy 10 more Bitcoin before April, citing the upcoming “Having” event as a catalyst for potential price surges. He urged those unable to afford whole Bitcoins to consider small purchases through newly available ETFs or Satoshi units.

Kiyosaki projected a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, forecasting its value to reach $100,000 by September 2024. Additionally, he suggested investing in silver coins, particularly US silver eagles, highlighting concerns raised by his associate, Andy Schectman, regarding the diminishing supply of silver.

Addressing the broader economic landscape of the world, Kiyosaki attributed the urgency of his investment advice to several factors. These included the depressed financial situations of major nations like the US, China, Japan, and Germany, which are escalating geopolitical tensions worldwide.

Joining Kiyosaki in advocating digital assets, Michael Saylor, a prominent Bitcoin advocate, also emphasised the pitfalls of relying on fiat currency, labelling it as “fake” money. Both Saylor and Kiyosaki stressed the importance of safeguarding against economic uncertainties by diversifying into assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

Highlighting the accessibility of silver as an investment option, Kiyosaki urged individuals to take proactive steps towards financial security, emphasizing that almost everyone could afford at least one silver coin or a fraction of a Bitcoin.

Moreover, Kiyosaki said that there have been criticism against cryptocurrencies by governments, but the irony is that governments accuse Bitcoin of facilitating illicit activities while using the “US Dollar” for corrupted activities themselves.

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