Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko: Solana is Ethereum L2

Solana co-founder Anatoly Ykovenko recently made a bold assertion about the future of blockchain interoperability and Solana’s role in the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

In a series posts on social media platform X, Ykovenko described Solana as an Ethereum Layer-2 solution ( L2) via Wormhole EigenLayer.

This is possible thanks to advances in “Danksharding”, a scaling solution for Ethereum, suggesting a future where Solana blocks can be included in data validation bridge contracts on Ethereum .

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Ykovenko’s comments sparked a discussion about the technicalities and implications of such integration.

He clarified that Solana will only mint the wrapped version in its state once Ethereum achieves full finality, addressing concerns about potential reorgs of the blockchain.

The concept of “social consensus” was emphasized, which shows flexibility in how Solana and Ethereum can interact.

This flexibility could allow users to spin off their own Layer-1 (L1) blockchain, using a snapshot of the original. Ykovenko’s stance shows a broader view of what defines a Layer-2 solution, challenging traditional boundaries and proposing a more flexible and connected blockchain ecosystem.

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