Tether mints another 1 billion USDT on Ethereum

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing liquidity in the cryptocurrency market, the Tether Treasury recently minted a staggering 1 billion USDT. This development, according to the latest data from blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert, represents a significant addition to Tether’s circulating supply, primarily made possible through the Ethereum network.


The issuance, while having a major impact in enhancing Tether’s market supply, is notably part of a meticulous strategy employed by the company to effectively manage liquidity dynamics in the sector. Cryptocurrencies are always volatile.

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino is seeking to shed light on the purpose and nature of this important transaction, clarifying the complexities surrounding minting. Ardoino emphasized that this minting activity serves the purpose of “replenishing inventory” in the Ethereum network. Importantly, this transaction is classified as “authorized but not yet issued,” signifying that the newly minted USDT is intended to be held in storage, ready to meet future issuance requirements and facilitate Facilitate seamless chain swaps when needed.

Importantly, this newly minted USDT, while included in Tether’s increased supply, has not yet entered circulation. Its implementation into the market will depend on future demand, acting as a measure to serve the needs of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Tether’s USDT is pivotal in the cryptocurrency market, especially during periods of bullish activity. As investors navigate the high volatility inherent to the cryptocurrency market during bull periods, the stable nature of USDT provides a safe intermediary for traders. It allows them to protect profits or initiate new positions without exiting the crypto landscape, providing stability amid the volatility that characterizes bull runs.

According to the most recent CoinMarketCap data, Tether boasts a strong market capitalization of $91.2 billion. This valuation highlights the significant influence and popularity of Tether’s stablecoin in the broader cryptocurrency sector.

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