This was a terrible mistake by the Ethereum “marketing department”.

The stories of Ethereum development and scaling can be too complicated for regular developers and entrepreneurs.

Compared to the clear goals of Solana (SOL), this seems confusing, said Alliance DAO’s Qiao Wang.

“A terrible mistake by the ETH marketing department”

This is what analyst Qiao Wang told his 133,000 followers on X, emphasizing that Solana (SOL) remains true to its clear narrative of being the “fastest and cheapest” chain.

According to Wang, the “marketing department” of Ethereum (ETH) should be placed in quotes because neither the blockchain nor the Ethereum Foundation has a centralized unit responsible for advertising activities.

The growing range of shared stacks, bridges, dozens of rollups makes Ethereum (ETH) too complex for teams interested only in building secure and fast Dapps in a resource-saving way.

While this complexity may be intellectually satisfying for researchers and architects, the majority of crypto project teams remain “pragmatic”:

“If modularity loses to monolithicity in five years, this will be the reason.”

Ethereum’s focus on L2 solutions was also criticized by Cyber ​​Capital CIO Justin Bons. Bons predicts a shift of focus to non-EVM blockchains such as Near and MultiversX.

At the same time, Wang concluded that these problems can be overcome. Ethereans should just eliminate the mental friction to become more attractive to developers. In 2024, the crypto sector is discussing various metrics with Solana (SOL) surpassing Ethereum.

Last week, Solana surpassed the largest smart contract platform in weekly stablecoin transfers.

Additionally, at the end of December 2023, Solana flipped Ethereum to become the most used blockchain for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on daily and weekly timeframes.

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