US Lawmakers Optimistic on Crypto Regulation Ahead of Elections

Lawmakers eye crypto law success before Nov, spurred by leadership shifts

US lawmakers are hopeful about approving crypto regulations before the upcoming November elections.

Congressman Patrick McHenry and Senator Cynthia Lummis, speaking at a Coinbase event, shared their positive outlook for passing significant crypto laws this year, following leadership changes in the House Republicans.

McHenry noted that the transition from Kevin McCarthy to Mike Johnson as House Speaker has spurred legislative advancements, highlighting Johnson’s capability to enact laws, including a critical spending deal to avoid a government shutdown.

This shift presents rare opportunities for passing crypto-related laws during an election year.

McHenry is particularly optimistic about two bills: the Keep Innovation in America Act and the Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act.

The first focuses on crypto market reforms, and the second addresses stablecoin regulation, which the Biden administration has previously supported through a 2022 executive order emphasizing the need for such regulations.

Similarly, Senator Lummis highlighted the increased likelihood of bipartisan agreement, especially with the Democratic party’s openness to discussing stablecoin legislation.

She sees stablecoin regulation as the most feasible area for legislative action, aligning with the Biden administration’s willingness to address this issue.

Both McHenry and Lummis, Republicans, believe their efforts in crypto regulation could bridge the partisan divide, underscoring the bipartisan nature of the issue. T

heir joint stance suggests a growing agreement on the importance of establishing clear regulations for the cryptocurrency industry.

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