Worldcoin temporarily suspends iris scanning in India, Brazil, France

Worldcoin has disabled offline Orb verification for users in three markets: India, Brazil and France, reports by Moneycontrol on December 21 said.

As a silver ball for personal identity verification, Orb was launched by Worldcoin for residents in areas where traditional IDs are not always available.

The company stimulated the offline onboarding (integration) process by providing rewards in USDC to local Orb operators. Starting in November, Worldcoin started paying rewards in its native token, WLD.

According to Moneycontrol, Worldcoin “quietly stopped” the Orb verification process in India “3-4 months ago”, despite Despite crowds gathering in line to wait for Orb operators in some regions of the country. However, Tools for Humanity, the organization that oversees Worldcoin, explains at the outset that Orb is a “limited-time access” initiative in India, France and Brazil.

The onboarding process, which includes the collection of private data such as iris scans, has entangled Worldcoin in many public controversies. Critics have repeatedly said that the project, launched by OpenAI founder Sam Altman, is ethically questionable and shows signs of a “dark nightmare.”

Regulatory agencies around the world are also skeptical. Germany’s financial authority launched an investigation into Worldcoin in 2022, while the UK’s data regulator also threatened an investigation in the days after the project’s launch. Kenya has completely banned Worldcoin operations in the country.

In August, security platform CertiK reported a vulnerability in the vetting process for Orb operators that could allow an attacker to bypass the verification process and operate Orb without being interviewed or having permission. Proper ID.

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