XRP Hacked, Discovery of Counterfeit Token Linked to RammDex Project?

Chris Larsen, co-founder and CEO of Ripple, has reportedly lost over $100 million worth of XRP to hackers, according to a recent tweet by onchain detective ZachXBT.

In a Wednesday report, ZachXBT claimed that hackers stole around 213 million XRP, valued at approximately $112 million, from one of Ripple’s wallets.

The detective also noted that the criminals have begun laundering the stolen funds through major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Kraken.

Confirming the hacking incident, Larsen pointed out that the affected wallets belong to him personally, not to the organization, as reported by ZachXBT.

Following the news, the price of XRP dropped by approximately 5% within an hour and is currently trading at $0.5.

RammDex Faces Fake Token Issue:

In the latest announcement from RammDex, they clarified that their project’s token has not been launched yet. However, a fake token named RammDex has surfaced on dexscreener in recent days.


It’s reported that the creator of the fake token inflated the price of Ramm by 35,000% and withdrew liquidity from the pool in just 13 hours. Currently, there haven’t been any reported victims who fell prey to this counterfeit token.




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